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At Kettle Valley Memorial, we want to make the arrangement process simple for you. We offer a large variety of containers and traditional caskets designed to meet your specifications and we will be happy to review them with you and answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Call us at 250-493-2929 if you would like to review any of our product catalogues.***DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE TO BETTER SERVE FAMILIES. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION***.

When a loved one dies, call Kettle Valley Memorial (250-493-2929) and we will set up an arrangement appointment, that will work for you to come to our location at 461 Dawson Avenue, Penticton. If you can not come to us, we will come to you. Make sure to let the funeral director know if your loved one has a pre-arrangement and wether you're wanting burial or cremation. Please feel free to ask for prices.

What do you need to bring with you to Kettle Valley Memorial? 

Make sure you bring the Will (if applicable), the deceased's ID, social insurance number, care card number, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if there is a surviving spouse), clothing, parents names and places of birth, picture and executor's ID.

What happens during the arrangements? 

During the arrangements, the funeral director will ask if the family has any questions, right off the start. Feel free to bring up any concerns or questions so that the funeral director can get the exact answers for you. The funeral director will then ask a series of personal questions about the deceased. This is what we call Vital Information. We take this information and upload it with BC Vital Statistics. By uploading this information we are registering the death both provincially and federally and, with the Doctors Medical Certificate of Death, we are able to produce the Death Registration, Burial Permits (Needed for both cremation and burial) and any death certificates required by the executor. 

At Kettle Valley Memorial we always recommend the executor purchases a minimum of two original death certificates. That way, if someone requests to hold on to one for a while, you still have another. Death certificates can be purchased from the funeral home directly up to one year from the date of death. After that, you will need to get them from BC vital statistics. Death certificates are $27.00 per original, set by the BC government. 

After the vital statistics information, the funeral director and the executor will discuss burial or cremation options. Whether you are looking for a simple but meaningful cremation or full casket burial. As funeral directors, it is our job to provide families with all information based on their wants, so that they are able to make informed decisions. It is not our job to up sell anyone on anything. We then will provide options for urns, cremation containers, caskets, markers and keepsake jewellery. 

Entering into a Funeral Service Agreement.

A funeral service agreement has 4 parts. 

1) Services - The services will include: Professional Fees and Staff Services, Registration and Documentation, Transfer of Deceased, Care of Deceased, Facilities and Equipment, Vehicles, Cremation Fee, and other. These all have their own separate price and all together will make up a service charge, which is the base charge for whatever burial or cremation service the family chooses. 2) Merchandise - Merchandise includes: Caskets, urns, jewellery, flowers, keepsake urn/jewellery. Most of these options will be found in the selection room. Other options can be found in the different selection books. 3)Disbursements - These are prices for things that the funeral home may not control. Such things include obituaries, cemetery fees, Consumer Protection BC admin fees and death certificates. 4) Honorariums - These are paid to the officiant, soloist, musician, church or hall.

All these options will be added up for a grand total. For any questions regarding pricing or any options please call Kevin or Erin at 250-493-2929 or visit Kettle Valley Memorial and pick up an information package.

All the information provided on this page is provided by Kettle Valley Memorial and describes how Kettle Valley Memorial serves families. Services and prices will be different at other funeral homes.


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